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About Our School

Clive Draycott School offers the full range of courses appropriate for kindergarten to grade 8, including an optional band program for grades 6 to 8, Core French for grades 5 to 8, Career Guidance for grades 5 to 8, and Practical and Applied Arts for grade 7 and 8.  We have incorporated a Computer and Technology component for all grade levels once every six days. While our facility does not have a gymnasium, we have a joint use agreement with the town and have liberal access to the town hall for phys ed and for sporting and cultural events.   Our grade 5 and 6 class has been part of the DARE program with Lumsden RCMP, and we hope to continue this partnership in future years. 
Optional and extra curricular activities include computers and technology, drama, and assorted sports teams and intramurals.  We have incorporated an opportunity for students to select and design self-directed projects they can work on over the noon hour or during free time.  Staff members offer book clubs, time to read or play board games over the noon period in the school library.
We have an active Student Leadership Council elected from grades 5 to 8 who help plan spirit days, school wide activities, social events, and raise funds for selected charities. The SLC is comprised of several subcommittees that will be taking on various jobs throughout the year.  Our Spirit Squad plans, organizes and runs assemblies focusing on the CDS Code of Conduct and Bullying Prevention Policy.  This group also helps to celebrate our successes throughout the year and works hard to emphasize our family atmosphere, all with the help of the school staff.
We are able to provide a small canteen/concession, funded through nutrition grants and SLC funds. The majority of our students stay for lunch on a regular basis, and the canteen sells healthy snacks to supplement lunches brought from home.  We attempt to partner with our local branch library as much as we are able to work on joint projects.  We are lucky enough to have a community-based preschool operate within the school facility.  We are also fortunate to have an active and supportive school community council whose members meet regularly and work tirelessly to support the learning goals of the school, the school division and the province.
If ever you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.